We have a passion to be obedient to God and to build God’s kingdom by bringing people to a place of worship, a place where they can come into God’s presence and have a life-changing meeting with Him.

We want to share with other people what God has done in our lives and we pray that they will experience God’s truth and live in it.

John 8:32. TPT

For if you embrace the truth, it will release true freedom into your lives.

Passion for God


Our mission is to connect people with God and with each other, and to send them back out as a member of the body of Christ with the Bible as the foundation.

We believe that people through all of history, but especially in the present day, need the Peace of Christ. We are passionate about helping Farsi speaking people become familiar with the Gospel.

We want to live from a culture of respect, encouragement, and worship. This is so that the peace of Christ will change people’s lives, they can reach their potential, and can live with their identity firmly rooted in Christ Jesus.

Just believe